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Reports Section in Quickbooks 2013

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Quickbooks 2013 – Reports Section

Quick Note: 3 Types of Reports (Summary, Transaction, List)

Accessing Reports is available on the Left Tab Section or Top Menu Bar.

We use Company Financials "Profit and Loss Standard" report as an example for this lesson.

There are many options for reporting. Changing dates would be the first thing to look at. They either have a preselected choice from the drop down menu, or you can manually enter a range of dates.

You can customize reports and change a few setting in there as well. One major thing to look for is "Cash vs Accrual". Most companies work off Cash. Highly recommended to make sure you set it to cash. You can even go into company preferences and update the default to "Cash".

Memorizing Reports is also another useful tool that will let you see a report based on certain settings. This is also highly recommended to use this feature.
You can also save a certain report as a favorite report. All of these can be access in the menu bar above the reports, including most recent report in case you forgot which report you just viewed.

Once you are done with your reports, you can print them, email them, and even export them onto excel and save on your computer.

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29 comments - What do you think?
Posted by Quickbooks Tutorials - November 28, 2012 at 2:49 am

29 Responses to “Reports Quickbooks 2013”

  1. Tom McManus says:

    Terrific stuff….I am looking forward to more videos

  2. Tom McManus says:

    I am using QB for Mac 2013 to support a scholarship fund, donors etc…

    • Tom McManus says:

      Can you provide any insight on non profits or how to handle contributions?

      • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

        Hello Tom,

        Can you be a bit more specific and give us an actual scenario.

        ARe you receiving Contributions or giving them out?
        A bit more details about the operation, but more than anything, what is the specific entry question?

  3. Tom McManus says:

    We are recording donations, and then in the spring make awards. The question is how to record the donations. I have seen some suggestion to enter then as a job under each donor/customer. For example Bob Jones – Customer; 2012 Donation is the job. The make each award in the spring as a class for each entity/person that receives one.

    The other suggestion is to use each donor as a class, with no mention of how to treat the awards.

    I am leaning towards the first scenario, as part of the goal is to historically track each donor. This has outgrown excel over the years, and I think QB is a bit of overkill, but it is what it is

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Just to make sure I’m crystal.

      1. You are accepting Donations from different people for different amounts. YOu wish to record this. You also want to track who donated what separately. ARe these people who are donationing already customers or a bunch of new people just for the donation.

      2. What are these awards? Please be specific. Are the donators getting someting in return? Is the money going towards an expense or the donation is going to you in return for your service.

  4. Tom McManus says:

    1) The people are all new to QB, I bought QB just for this purpose, as I said before I outgrew Excel.

    2) Awards are as follows: A cash scholarship to a high school grad; a donation to a local elementary school earmarked for library book purchases; a donation to a local University’s Friends of library fund; and several Teacher support awards, that are usually gift cards to office supply stores.

  5. Tom McManus says:

    Can we continue this conversation thru email?

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Hello Tom,

      We did a video response for you


      Basically, There is no cookie cutter way.
      It all depends on how your non profit is setup.

      YOu can keep it simple or get detailed in different ways.

      You can do the Customer Job the way you got adviced, or you can setup the contribution as the main customer, and each donor as the customer jobs.

      Check out the video.

      Regarding Asking questions, Reason we keep it all here is so others can learn from each other. The price of addmission for free Advice :)

  6. Cala Mahoney says:

    Hi I am brand new to quickbooks and I am using 2013 for mac. i am using the program almost only for bookkeeping. I have 3 bank accounts and I am trying to run a report of profit and loss for each but it will only do them as a whole, how can I seperate the reports.

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      This is super tricky.

      I personally would have kept 3 separate books for 3 different businesses. That’s the real correct way to not co-mingle, especially when you are trying to run P&L reports.

      The only other way to do it under 1 book account, which is not super accurate, or would take a lot more time to monitor would be to separate transaction in classes and customer jobs, however, this is usually done to separate different parts of 1 business rather than maintain books for 3 different companies.

  7. Cala Mahoney says:

    oh, the accounts are under bank and I own 2 businesses and the 3rd was my home financials.

  8. Cala Mahoney says:

    Hi, I do have 3 diferent bank accounts, I just cant seem to seperate them in a report.

  9. Shirane says:

    Is there anyway I can change the name label “Customer” to “Agents” or “Clients”? Thanks!

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Yes you can change the name of the icon on the Icon bar by going to View; Customize Icon Bar, choose Customer, edit and change the name. That is the only place it will change the name, however. The Home Page will still say Customer as well as other labels within QuickBooks. There is no way to change those. In QuickBooks Online version you can choose what to call them but the desktop version has many more capabilities than the Online version.

  10. Julie Woodyer says:

    Great videos, very useful.

  11. KellyH says:

    I work for a non-profit child sponsorship organization. We input statement charges each month for the sponsors but, of course, some pay and some do not. I need to run a P&L type report each month and include only the amounts that I have deposited vs. the receivables. Can you assist with direction for that? Each statement charge (“sponsorship”) is an item (service) if that helps.

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      When you run your P&L, you can choose either Cash or Accrual under Customize Report, Report basis.  Accrual reports show all invoices or charges that have been billed whether paid or not.  Cash basis shows only what has been paid.  That should give you the informatin you need.

  12. Colin Gick says:

    I am looking to run some Quickbooks reports to determine the worst selling products over a certain time period. How would I do this? I ran a “Sales by Item Summary” report and customized the amount to “0”, but this only includes samples and voided orders. How do I find the products with no (or very few) sales?

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      You are correct in running the Sales by Item Summary report but you do not have to filter it. It will automatically show you the % of sales on the report.
      If you are proficient in Excel you can export the report to Excel and filter it by % to see what is the “worst selling product”

      To see sales on all items choose Customize Report; click the “Advanced”; click on “All” instead of “In Use. This will show you items with 0 sales.

  13. Roger Kooistra says:

    How do I get the transaction report to show the split details instead of the word “split”

  14. The Church Lady says:

    Very helpful website! Thank you so much! My question is:
    As a church, we are using QB Non-Profit and we accept donations. We log the donations appropriately into QB. Some parishioners would like quarterly statements mailed to them so they can track and tally up their donations. We currently use a separate software program for this. Does QB offer a report that can produce Name, Address and YTD donations for each individual?

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Unfortunately QuickBooks for Non Profits does not have a year end statement for donations which is required by law.

      Every church I have worked with uses a separate software for donations, as you do.

      You should be able to run reports from that software. You might have to call for technical support to find out how if you can’t find it.

  15. Debbie Lee says:

    I needed this information for a job interview and this was absolutely perfect. The learning format was easy and simplistic! Thank you soooo much!

  16. Christine Hughes says:

    When I print a transaction report for each of my accounts I would like to print the splits for each transaction. Is there any way I can do this?

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Hello Christine,

      Yes, open the account you want to print the transactions – click on the print button – a window should open up asking for DATE RANGE , at the bottom check PRINT SPLITS DETAILS.

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