How to do a Bank Reconciliation

Here is a reply to a Question We received from Kat Kitty. It basically has to do on How to do a Bank Reconciliation for books that haven’t been reconciled in months and for also dealing with Petty Cash and Co-Mingling in accounts.

Question is as follows:
Thank you for your fantastic videos and website! It has really helped me learn QB.
I have a few questions:
1)How do you close a bank account in QB 2013?

Company I work for had a bookkeeper that didn’t do her job. No entries in QB since August of last year. So I have been hired to try to reconcile QB. I am new to QB and not sure how to deal with all the issues I am finding.

Here is one issue:
I have entered A/R invoices and received payments.
I have bank statements that I am trying to match/make deposits.
The owner would take cash from cash payments received by customers and the bookkeeper was to keep track of the cash taken, she didn’t and since she is no longer around I have no one to ask and the owner doesn’t remember.

So I have more payments/cash in the "make deposits" screen than I do on the bank statements.

Also, sometimes the owner wrote a check to replace some of the cash (which shows as a deposit on the bank statement). How do I include this?

Please help! What is the best way to handle all of this?
Thank you!!!
Kat Kitty

How to do a Bank Reconciliation in Quickbooks

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