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Chart of Accounts Setup in Quickbooks 2013

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Quickbooks 2013 – Chart of Accounts Setup

Chart of Accounts Setup
a. Banks (Checking, Savings)
b. Credit Cards
c. Income (Specify Different Incomes: Sales and Service)
d. Expenses (Add Obvious, the rest on the fly)

It is recommended to use subaccounts to better organize
your chart of accounts.

Example for Bank:

Wells Fargo Bank (Main Account)
– Checking #7914 (SubAccount 1)
– Savings #6565 (SubAccount 2)

Example for Credit Cards:

Credit Cards (Main Account)
– Amex Platinum #7914 (SubAccount 1)
– Amex Starwood #6565 (SubAccount 2)
– Chase Business #1100 (SubAccount 3)

Example for Income:

Sales (Main Account)
– Products (SubAccount 1)
– Services (SubAccount 2)

Example for Expenses:

Telephone (Main Account)
– Office Phone (SubAccount 1)
– Cell Phone (SubAccount 2)
– 800-Number (SubAccount 3)

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