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Whether you use a desktop version of QuickBooks for your business or the online version, getting the best out of this vital accounting software is really important. Our QuickBooks tutorials are designed to help you use QuickBooks software and be able to keep your accounts managed properly.
All our tutorials are in the form of videos that allow you to follow our lessons on every aspect of accounting easily and effectively. You will be soon a master of QuickBooks 2015 software by spending some of your valuable time watching these videos.

Ever since QuickBooks first came on the market back in 1994, it has fast become the most popular form of keeping track of your accounting electronically. In fact, the most recent estimate is that over 90% of small to medium businesses use QuickBooks software to keep their accounts in order. QuickBooks software makes it easy for any business owner or manager to keep track of their finances, and our QuickBooks Lessons make it even easier.
Have you just started up your own business and are wondering whether you need to employ an accountant to keep an eye on your accounts? When you Learn QuickBooks by using our QuickBooks Tutorials you don’t need to waste money on employing an accountant or someone else to look after your accounts. With our QuickBooks Tutorials you can master this important software all by yourself.
With our QuickBooks Help you will soon be able to create and send invoices quickly and efficiently and be able to keep a digital record of all your invoices which is easy to monitor and even easier to recover for future reference.

If you want to know just what is happening to the financial status of your business – whether you are making a profit or loss and by how much, then a QuickBooks Tutorial will show you how. Using QuickBooks software helps to cut down on the extra time and expense of managing your books, but the only way to get the best out of the software is to Learn QuickBooks with our QuickBooks Tutorials.
Whatever the size of your business, keeping the books properly managed is absolutely essential. With new upgrades to QuickBooks software there are versions which suit any type of business, from owner operated small scale businesses to medium sized businesses employing dozens of employees. Our QuickBooks Help gives you everything you need to manage our business accounts with confidence and remember there are QuickBooks Lessons available for every aspect of business financial management.

You may think that you just don’t have time to spend on learning new skills, but you really have to consider whether you can afford not to understand how to use this software to help keep your business operating smoothly. Remember that over 90% of small to medium businesses these days are using QuickBooks software to manage their accounts. How many of your competitors are doing just that? Our QuickBooks Lessons may just get you ahead of the rest.

A QuickBooks Tutorial video can show you how to prepare your own personalized quotations, invoices and balance templates. With these templates you can send your customers and clients pdf versions by email and keep a track of everything you have sent.
It doesn’t matter how big your business is. Every business needs to reconcile bank statements. Our QuickBooks Help will show you how to construct balance sheets, trial balance reports and prepare income statements at a click of a button.

A QuickBooks Tutorial allows you to see a snapshot of your cash flow or take a look at your client profitability breakdown instantly. Using our QuickBooks Tutorials allows you to make key decisions about your business with much more confidence.

If you have opted to use Quick Books Online every transaction and record is kept safely in cloud but using the system is just as easy as if you had bought the software for your business yourself. You may decide to buy QuickBooks software for your business after using the online version for a trial period.

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Posted by Quickbooks Tutorials - November 27, 2012 at 11:22 pm

58 Responses to “Quickbooks Tutorial”

  1. very good help fo us. and if there is any need of a accounting original software, defenetly i wil contact with you.

  2. Zabi Arifee says:

    Hi! First off, thank you very much for all these videos!
    i have quickbooks 2013 for mac, i have a little knowledge of how to use it but its kinda tricky for me. i was wondering if you can refer me to one of your videos or simply reply (that would be awesome) my business is a fast food restaurant, most of my sales are cash and well, id like to know how you would go about tracking a restaurant like mine. once again, appreciate all those great videos and THANK YOU in advance if you reply!

  3. usman bashir says:

    thanks for sharing this .. actually i am new in quick books and want to learn more and more.. i have done M.come in accounts and want to complete learning quick books 2013… thanks really help me if any more lesson then please share me at bashirusman20@gmail.com thanks

  4. BLULINERS says:

    very helpful,thanks,am a novice with quickbooks.
    also,fyi…in the paragraph beginning with ‘We strive’ the used of the word “pact” is not correct.
    thanks again

  5. Statwide Well Drilling Inc. says:

    Thank You so much for the videos!! i hae been DREADING the swich to a new QB system but your videos have eased my mind :) love how you have every individual video to go with each section of the set up! We are very happy customers :)

  6. aziz says:

    Am a first timer but am hopeful I’ll get at per with the system.

  7. Yeolandy Korb says:

    I would like to receive your free tutorial on Quickbooks. We have the programme loaded at work, but I cannot find any handbooks. I would like to set up the compay books. I use to work on Pastel

  8. Abraham A. Rodriguez says:

    In the early 1990’s I graduated from Heald Business College in Accounting. Due to circumstances I became a Tax Preparer but not into Accounting. Realizing my mistake I want to learn Quick Books and start an Accounting business. Sign me up for the free training.(209)910-1209

  9. Sebina Lawrence says:

    I would like to download a work sheet. what can I do?

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Sorry, there are no worksheets or downloads. These are all video tutorials.

      The best practice is real life like anything else.

      Create a fake company in quickbooks and start playing with it.

  10. Arlene Abbott says:

    Evidently, spelling or grammar are not a requirement for any type accounting?? What does “make work like a pro” mean?

  11. Arlene Abbott says:

    At one time, in a land far, far away, in another lifetime, I was an accountant. Really, before computers, there were whole accounting departments utilizing adding machines, actual ledger books, etc. Anyway, all joking aside, I am interested in learning Quickbooks, but at this time it would have to be free…Thanks.

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Wow, Same here. I was too there, But I was reincarnated and destine to make this free blog just for you guys :)

      Hopefully you signed up to our newsletter.

      Over 40 video tutorials for free! All About QuickBooks in Semi Proper English ;)

  12. April says:

    I am working in QuickBooks Pro 2012 and using an Official Guide book from QuickBooks Pro 2009. I have several (maybe 7-8 different) businesses set-up and have a fairly good background in bookkeeping/accounting. I am trying to set-up my inventory (units for home owners association) and I need assistance. Will these tutorials help me?

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Hello April,

      These videos will help with the general setup.

      I actually emailed you another reference you go to for more in depth videos including inventory.

      Anyone interested, just email us.

  13. Alister Arnephie says:


    I am The Logistics manager for a construction company & I will like to inquire if Quickbooks can be use for the likes of warehouse, stock taking, inventory intakes, etc….


    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Yes, QuickBooks can track inventory easily.

      First you turn on the inventory feature in Preferences, Items & Inventory, Company Preferences, click Inventory & Purchse Orders are Active and choose other options you would like in that window,
      Take a physical inventory so you can start with an accurate count on each inventory item.

      Each inventory part, called Items in QuickBooks, must be set up as an inventory type for QuickBooks to keep track of the totals.
      You can either import an Excel spreadsheet into the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries or enter them individually if they are not already on a spreadsheet.

      To enter a list from Excel, go to Lists, Add/Edit Multiple List Entries.  Click on the camera icon to see how to quickly update your lists for instructions on importing from Excel.

      To enter them individually go to Lists, Item List, click the Item tab on the bottom of the window, choose New.  You can also enter them fromthe Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window.

      Be sure to choose Inventory Part for the type, enter all information needed including the quantity on hand and re-order points.  

      When you either sale parts using an Invoice or Sales Receipt inventory is automatically adjusted.  When you order inventory parts by using a Purchase order QuickBooks will keep track of changes.  Be sure to use the Items tab on bills if you are not using P.O.s.

      There are several reports you can see in Reports, Inventory. 

      Once the setup is complete, QuckBooks will automatically keep track of your inventory and notify you when you need to re-order.

  14. Jen says:

    Hello! I am totally new at all bookkeeping and QuickBooks… I am excited to get started on the tutorial and was wondering from anyone, is this the best route if I am trying to get some stay at home type of bookkeeping jobs? I just want to make sure that I am getting all in need to know to help other and be successful!! Thank you!

  15. aashish says:

    hi, I am using multi-currency features on quickbooks, can anyone give me some suggestion as how to keep track of exchange rate gains/losses….thankyou

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      QuickBooks automatically keeps track of your gains and losses due to change in currency rates.

      When an bill payment is made or invoice payment is received that has a different exchange rate than the bill or invoice, the difference is tracked to an Other Expense account entitled Exchange Gain or Loss.

      When an bill payment is made or invoice payment is received that has a different exchange rate than the bill or invoice, the difference is tracked to an Other Expense account entitled Exchange Gain or Loss.

  16. Erika says:

    Hello, I am new to Quickbooks and to the accounting world. I have been playing around with Quickbooks PRO 2013 for 2-3 months. The business I want to use Quickbooks for is an online retail store. It uses PayPal to receive money from customers. I tried downloading the transactions from PayPal to Quickbooks, the same way I downloaded the bank & credit card transactions, but it downloaded in a way where it looks like a list and each customer has a “split”. It’s very confusing on how to organize it in it’s correct slots (like income, paypal fees, etc.). Is there any way to fix this or simplify the way it’s downloaded? Since there are MANY transactions (customers) in one day, is there a need to save every customer’s complete information in Quickbooks?
    Also, after the money is collected into the paypal account, it is then transferred to the bank’s checking account in large lump sums.

    Any advise who help me tremendously as this is mind breaking for me.

  17. Tiffany says:

    I am an office manager for an ac company and have decided to use quickbooks, my question is can we set it up so that our guys in the field can make invoices right on the spot. Also wondering if they do make an invoice in the field can it be flagged so that I will see it as soon as I log in the next time

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      We don’t have experience with using QB out in the field with multiple users. I suggest for this question to call QuickBooks sales department and see what product they have to create this setup.

  18. SoteriaAccountant says:

    I made the dreaded mistake of changing a deposits in several months that was previous reconciled and now my beginning balance is way off.

    What would be the best way to correct this since it would not be practical or even possible to undo reconciliations for several months.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      The short answer would be that you would have to force a new entry in there for this month to make it reconcile. Once you do that, you can move forward about your business.

      The entry should basically be the opposite of what you changed previously.

      Hope this helps

  19. Litz says:

    My question is, does Quickbook allow users to add in extra item in the tool bar menu??

  20. Bri says:

    Your Quickbooks Tutorials saved my job hahha after using the program for a while you forget all the cool shit it can do that you havent used yet!

    Thanks Cool Kid,

  21. Abe says:

    I’ve seen a handful of tutorial sites, but you guys are pretty darn comprehensive. Great videos. Bookmarked.

  22. Fiz says:


    I am currently using QB Pro 07/08. Our bank account has 2 currencies – HKD (main Savings) and SGD (Foreign Currency Savings). My client pays in SGD to the account. In the bank statement, it reflects in SGD and does not convert to HKD.

    My problem is I don’t know how to key in QB system. My QB main account is in HKD. I have activated the multi-currency. Where do I start?

    Appreciate your help!

    Thank you!

  23. Kristin says:

    Hi there,

    I am trying to use QB 2013 to run several hotels. The problem I am encountering is the way the income comes in. We earn it but don’t collect it in the same day. It can be deferred until the guest checks out. If I enter the sales in a sales receipt and then deposit what came in that day, it is always off. Currently I am downloading the transactions from the bank and coding them as income but it is not a true representation of earned income. This is only banked income. How do you feel would be the best way to accomplish this? Thanks

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Hello Kristin,

      Have you tried doing invoicing instead of sales receipt?

      You can create the invoice, even deposit it into “undeposited Funds” account, or just dont accept payment until you made the adjustment on the invoice and the receive payments.

  24. C A says:

    I’m interested in a job/career using Quickbooks. I have found your tutorials extremely informative, easy to follow and, dare I say, even fun at times. It’s incredible that such an excellent resource is available for free!
    Would you please share what you would recommend as the quickest course of action to become QB marketable?
    Thank you

  25. dwaine coverson says:

    can i have two banks with two checking accounts for one org

  26. CAROL says:



    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      Hello Carol,

      It is very difficult to know what you have done, but you would need to go back and reconcile your invoices manually. Also make sure bank accounts are in balance. If you feel like you messed up to a certain extreme any your unable to figure out how to fix it then we would suggest seek out a professional to assist. If you would like more information let us know we can refer you to an accountant to help you out.

  27. CAROL says:


  28. Ella says:

    I found your learning videos easy to follow, fun and very useful. Do you offer the same videos for payroll? I am interested in entering the virtual bookkeeping world, however I don’t have a clue as to where to begin. I understand that I have to start with the basics…like a name of the company and to research if the county/city that I live in requires a license or permit. I also understand that I will need to provide proof of liability to my clients (for check writing). Can you offer any insight as to where I begin?
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      You need to obtain a Federal Employer Identification number and a State ID number for each state you will be doing payroll in. You will need to set up with both the IRS and each state your login and password for e-filing. You can then call Intuit Payroll and they will help you determine which payroll subscription is best for you and walk you through the set up.

  29. Eliana Salamanca says:

    I’m taking classes on quickbooks for beginners, and I wonder if using these free videos it will helping me to learn faster, My purpose of taking this classes is to look for a job, since I just retired and I need to change my previous career of banking.
    Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial with us.


  30. Emmanuel Onoja says:

    I want to learn quickbooks and so wa wondering if i could get a demo version to download and install on my system as well as maybe a training manual or what would you advise me to do? I curently use SUN accounting package as well as haven used MYOB and peachtree before. I have a job interview in a fortnight and very desperate. please, mail

  31. Al Menard says:

    I have used Peachtree for many years. Now that Peachtree has become Sage, and have priced their product to outrageous levels, I have decided to become a Quickbooks user. My question is: How do I enter a chart of accounts. I have looked for everywhere, and their does not seem to be a place where I can enter a number for an account along with a description. Plus all the other mecessary definers, such as a current asset, long term liability, expense or income account, etc. Then of course comes the general journal for entering journal entries. I know some of this is trivial, but I want to start at the begining.
    Al Menard

    • Quickbooks Tutorials says:

      In order for you to use numbers for the chart of accounts you will first need to turn it on:
      Edit – Preferences – Accounting, click on Company Preferences tab – check Use Account Numbers.

      To get access to the chart of accounts:
      Company – Chart of Accounts

      To create a new Account:
      Inside Chart of Accounts window click on Account at the bottom then New.

      To create general journal entries:
      Company – Make General Journal Entries

      Hope this helps!!!

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  37. Sarwar says:

    Can i use this software for a mini mart i.e inventory, daily sale, billing percentage of sale item wise means which item sale is better and which is less and also is that program can integrate with bar code system

  38. Wilda says:

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  41. Ellen L. Flores says:

    Want to know more on quick book accounting.

  42. Tamara says:

    Hi there, our company pays bills from the bank account directly to vendor’s account. How do I enter such kind of payment into Quickbooks? We have Quickbooks Pro 2015 Tutorial.

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